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"Plant medicines work beyond the physical response; sometimes, it's your spirit or emotion that needs healing, and plant medicines can address that also." Karen Rose

A Bit of History

Herbal medicine or phytotherapy was used in ancient Egypt (as evidenced by writings of plant uses) dating back to 3000 BC.  Native Americans and indigenous cultures from around the world has used and still use plant medicine for healing 


The World Health Organization estimates 80% of people worldwide use herbal medicine to maintain health.  Plant medicine has always existed but ebbs and flows with recognition of its virtues.  


During the 1800s with the advances in chemistry, certain chemicals were extracted from plants, concentrated, and made into drugs.  About 1/4 of drugs today are derived from plants.


Today herbal medicine is gaining popularity as people become more frustrated with conventional methods of treatment.  Many herbs like Echinacea, St John's Wort, Gingko, Ginseng are now a mainstay in people's medicine cabinets!


How Herbal Medicine Can Heal

Many herbalists believe to effectively use medicinal herbs the whole herb should be used vs individual components of the plant.  Herbs have many chemicals that work synergistically to bring about a physiological change.  The effects may target a specific organ or system and act in a variety of ways. 

There are demulcents (soothing, mucilaginous), astringents (tightens tissues), diaphoretics (promotes sweating), expectorants, and stimulants to name a few. There are also herbs that are adaptogenic meaning they balance the body as a whole in dealing with stress.

Herbs work exceptionally well in chronic conditions and over time.  Re-balancing the system most affected is a great place to start.  Acutely, herbs can be effective as well.  Although most acute conditions are a sign of something deeper, and for long-lasting results, the "upstream" cause must be investigated. 


At Nurturing Remedies, we customize herbal products from tinctures to teas to salves and aromatherapy sprays as well as provide our house formulas designed for "what ails ya!"  

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