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Nurturing Remedies at the Natural Path Farm

Christine Skibbee, RD, LDN

32 Georgetown Rd West Newbury, MA 01985

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The Natural Path Farm


Located in West Newbury Ma, the Natural Path Farm encompasses 43 acres of primarily open fields.  Although an old farm dating back to late 1800's, I consider it in infancy or in a period of transformation.  Before I acquired the farm it was only being used to harvest hay for many years. The farmers did not re-seed, fertilizer or lime the fields and over time became nutrient deficient.  Without nutrition, how can the fields grow lush, rich, nutritious grass? It can't, and so the weeds prevailed.

As a nutritionist, looking at the sad fields made me question what I could do to provide the nutrients it needs.  I realized I could not achieve very much without help as I'm limited in experience...and equipment. The universe answered!


I've partnered with a farmer in the area who actually has family ties with this farm and who has vast experience and a beautiful farm in Bradford, MA  We share the desire to farm organically and are learning what this lands needs.  


On a smaller scale, as I move forward bringing life back to this beautiful farm I am working on growing asparagus, microgreens, baby greens and more herbs!  I planted 400 asparagus crowns and looking forward to sharing some rich green asparagus this spring!

A small green house was built to start my seeds and grow Micro Greens!  I am so pleased the following have placed my micro greens in their stores:

- The Natural Grocer

- West Newbury Food Mart


I continue to expand the medicinal herb garden with more and more each year!  So far my two honey bee hives are thriving and look forward to harvesting honey next fall!