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Nurturing Remedies at the Natural Path Farm

Christine Skibbee, RD, LDN

32 Georgetown Rd West Newbury, MA 01985

P-978-270-9354    Fax- 978-510-1541

Nutrition and Herbal Therapy-

a symbiotic relationship

Food and herbs have been living together successfully for thousands of years.  Typically we think of herbs as adding flavor or enhancing the variety of foods we eat.  When combined with a diet based on whole, unprocessed foods, medicinal herbs can enhance our well being!  In a sense both whole foods (from nature) and plants (herbs) are an extension of the earth and using them in achieving health is developing a relationship with earth.  Not only connecting with nature in a physical manner complements our health but connecting on a spiritual level and involving the concerns of our endangered earth into our mental process can cultivate our relationship.

We live in a land of "quick fixes" and shortcuts but the body is no fool.  It knows the real deal!  So eating fast foods, donuts, soda, and processed foods and taking medicinal herbs will not yield the results you are seeking.  You are building a weak foundation.  Instead providing a variety of fresh veggies and fruits, non- tainted meats, high quality dairy and whole grains and then complementing your diet with carefully chosen herbs specific to your needs - well now you are creating a solid foundation!

At Nurturing Remedies, clients have success implementing diet changes, lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements and herbs.  Your "recipe" will dictated by you and your goals!