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Nurturing Remedies at the Natural Path Farm

Christine Skibbee, RD, LDN

32 Georgetown Rd West Newbury, MA 01985

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embrace your optimal wellness

Blending Modern Nutrition with Herbal Wisdom to Promote Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit


What is wellness to you?  


Wellness:  "the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort; an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases." (sadly health is defined as the absence of injury or disease).


Specifically, what would optimal wellness and vitality look and feel like for you?

Would it be:

  • lose weight

  • go to the gym

  • eat more veggies

  • stop drinking soda/coffee

  • spend more time with my kids

  • be less stressed


Or would it take on more layers, depth and deliciousness like:

  • Wake up feeling rested, energized and enthusiastic for a new day?

  • Feel strong and flexible and “at home” in my body?

  • Be present for the people  (and/or animal) in my life?

  • Allow creativity o flow with ease?

  • Love from a heart centered place when with my children?

  • Live an authentic life where I enjoy my work?


If you feel those things then fantastic!  Many of us have been challenged with health issues, extensive, chronic or extreme stress, chronic infections or pain, mental health issues, or anything else that life assigns us to alter our balance and exhaust our bodies, mind and spirits.  There are strategies to achieve or return to feeling yourself again!


Are you willing to put your sleuthing skills to work?  

It can be a mystery in determining underlying "sabotagers" like chronic low grade infections (like lyme or epstein barr), candidiasis, heavy metal toxicity, leaky gut, mold toxicity, sub-optimal liver/kidney function, food sensitivities, blood sugar issues.... Teasing out problems requires patience and  perseverance


What are you willing to do to embrace your optimal wellness?

  • Are you willing to eliminate foods you love?

  • Are you willing to add foods you may not first?

  • Are you willing to add supplements and/or herbs?

  • Make teas, learn to cook, shop differently?

  • Deal with difficult emotions?

  • Confront family members with your goals?

  • Exercise in an acceptable way for you?

  • Do objective testing?

  • Connect with our body?


I guarantee I will not have all the answers but together, with you and  your “team” of health practitioners (which may include reiki, general medicine or specialists, massage, chiropractor, acupuncture specialists) I am confident your optimal wellness is possible!

Nurturing Remedies can help with:

  • Weight Management

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Autoimmune Issues (Crohns, MS, Lupus..)

  • GI Issues/Food Sensitivity and Allergies

  • Lipid and blood pressure imbalance

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Overall Vitality and much more



Nutriton and Herbal Therapy








The Natural Path Farm






Meet Chrissy
Registered Dietitian and Herbalist

Nurturing Remedies is a consulting  service providing custom, integrative nutrition and herbal therapy.  Additionally, homemade herbal products for both people and animals are available.   It is owned and operated by

Christine Skibbee RD, LD. 

​"I believe wholeheartedly in the wisdom of the mind/body/spirit in guiding us toward well being.  There are as many roads to well being as there are people.  As a core component of healing and wellness, nutrition and herbs are effective tools for your toolbox in assisting you on your personal, unique road.  The roots of illness begin with imbalance.  Working to much, thinking negatively, staying in a dysfunctional relationship, eating to much sugar, not enough exercise are just a sampling.  Over time the imbalances may manifest as diabetes, chronic digestive complaints, migraines, or chronic fatigue syndrome.  

We are fortunate to have  foods and plants that can help re-balance organs and systems that may be compromised.  My role is partnering with my clients and assisting them in sorting through symptoms and medical issues and offering recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes, supplements, and herbs.  My client's job is to decide which recommendations will work for them together with other tools in their toolbox (medication, massage, reiki, yoga...) and implement them into their lives (the much harder part for sure)!  Together we carve a path toward wellness!"

Applying Nature to Nurture

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Herbal Tinctures
Concentrated Herbal Medicine for "what ails ya!"
Variety of tasty teas!
Beauty Products
face cream, scrubs, oils
salt scrubs, toners..
Healing Salves
wound, muscle, baby
Aromatherapy Sprays
High quality essential oils in a spray.
Culinary Products
fire cider, vinegars, honey, culinary herb mixes
Canine Support
tinctures, salves, teeth support, hot spot relief
Equine Support
Herbal formulas, hoof balm
Natural Path Farm
Honey, micro-greens
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Here you'll find a full service apothecary stocked with custom crafted herbal products from tinctures to salt scrubs as well as dry herbs.

Herbs used are either grown here at the Natural Path Farm or from reputable herb companies like Mountain Rose Herbs.  Herbs are organic or ethically harvested.  

Feel free to contact with any custom requests and we are happy to accomodate!


Product Images Coming Soon!!

Welcome to Nurturing Remedies Apothecary