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Did you know your skin is your largest organ? For the average adult it is approximately 18-21 square feet and weighs 8 lbs. It has to renew itself constantly because your skin sheds approximately 35,000 cells/minute! That’s equal to 50% of the dust (or dead skin cells) you vacum in your home!


The skin creates a physical barrier protecting our organs as well as protecting us from pathogenic organisms and toxic substances. It regulates temperature through sweating. It also is home to millions of bacteria known as our skin microbiota. Theses little buggers help protects us from infection, modulate inflammation and communicates with our immune system to keep things operating smoothly.


So doesn’t it makes sense to NOURISH your skin with vitamins, minerals, organic oils and butters and essential oils? BUT did you know:

  • there are over 2500 chemical used in beauty and skin care products.

  • Our skin, as protective as it is, absorbs chemicals faster than water.

  • “Natural” used in marketing is required to mean ONLY 10% of a product is natural

  • The chemical 1,4 Doxane is a deadly carcinogen and found in most children’s shampoos and bubble baths.

  • There is lead in most lipsticks

  • If you see “fragrance” it likely has pthalates which have been linked to reproductive defects and can affect the developmental growth of children.

  • Check out the Environmental Working Group cosmetic database:

  • Check out the Nurturing Remedies Herb Shop for natural skin care products!!

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