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“If you have a dog, you will most likely outlive it; to get a dog is to open yourself to profound joy and, prospectively, to equally profound sadness.” – Author & Harvard Professor Marjorie Garber

This is my boy Tikaani that I recently lost. All I can say is heartbroken...and ever grateful we found each other.  I also have Eva, age 14, Maple (my daughters terrier mix)-2 years. all rescues and two horses Treasure and Ellie.  All my animals encountered illnesses and accidents over the many years.  At one point in the fall of 2018 the vet implied Tikaani may not last through the night (liver and kidney failure) and Treasure will never be sound again (punctured tendon sheath).  BUT step in herbs, nutrition, help from my wonderful vets and of course a lot LOVE and they pulled through.  

As an integrative practitioner, including all options for treatment, is important be it chemotherapy, surgery, herbal medicine, diet elimination, acupuncture...  I have managed a chronic condition (asthma) in Ellie for years but just recently his breathing became more compromised and needed more acute support in the form of a steroid.  Having a rescue medicine helps him, and gives me some peace but I'm working even harder to help him now with herbal/nutrition support and hopefully will need less rescue medicine.  

I find animals respond well to herbal therapies and there are a variety of formulas for immune balance, general wellness, GI, and respiratory support in the Herb Shop.  BUT it is MOST important to have a LIVE DIET, meaning real food full of not only vitamins and minerals but antioxidants, phytochemicals, and enzymes to help your four-legged child thrive!  Although there are some high-quality kibble, the animals that are fed low-quality kibble for every meal of their life likely live with deficiencies.  Imagine having Captain Crunch for every meal of your entire life and with no milk!  If you're feeding just kibble Nurturing Remedies can help bring balance back into your animal's diet and help your beloved regain balance and improved quality of life.  

There are also wonderful practitioners I recommend for massage and Reiki and animal communication:

Jean MacDougall 

Very knowledgable and intuitive and she does humans too!

Sarah Robinson- a very gifted animal communicator.  Has helped me MANY times!  TEXT Please- 978-502-0887

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