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The world of supplements is OVERWHELMING!  There is so much out there even for one nutrient, say magnesium.  Which one do I get?  Mag ox, Mag citrate, how much and when do I take it.... I can help to alleviate some of the confusion as I'm constantly learning myself! 

It is an exciting time for nutrition research as more discoveries are being made in the role of nutrition and dis-ease and to decipher the complexities of the most confusing machine- the human body.  For example, the discovery of the polymorphism for folate- MTHFR gene variant. This genetic variant causes the lack of an enzyme that converts dietary folate or the synthetic form folic acid to the active form. To remedy this possibility, I opt for supplements that have the ACTIVE form of folate- 5- methyltetahydrofolate (5-MTHF).  As with anything you purchase, there is a spectrum of low quality to high quality.  Given that I am naturally frugal, I recommend products of excellent quality and good value.  Carefully selected supplementation can make a significant difference in alleviating symptoms and creating balance.

For my clients, as an option,  I enroll them in Wellevate, a service from Emerson Ecologics which is a large dispensary of high end supplements (not necessarily high price- very competitive with Whole Foods).  This comes with a 10% discount across the board for any supplement ordered.  It is very easy to enroll and order.

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