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I'm delighted to read, see, and hear more about something I've known in my heart for a long time- Nutrition Is The Key To Great Health!"   More people are recognizing and implementing nutrition as a powerful avenue to healing.  It is the message that demands attention. 

A pillar to your foundation is DIGESTION. The gut is so integral to the functioning of the body.  If you're gut is not optimal (gassiness, constipation, diarrhea, reflux then there is a likely imbalance.  The GI tract, aka "gut" provides the machinery and the home of 70% of immune cells, 80% of serotonin and those helpful little buggers- probiotics who do a heck of a lot to keep us balanced (control inflammation, assimilate nutrients, support immune, help manage weight...).

Starting with the gut can help alleviate other issues.  Assessing what you eat and then applying the rule of R's-

1. Remove any trigger foods

2. Reignite (I use this word)- build the digestive fire with enzymes, HCL, fiber

3. Replenish- add good quality beneficial microbes

4. Repair- additional nutrients, healing foods, bone broth to heal leaky gut, SIBO, or other issues.

5. Rebalance- lifestyle modifications including quality sleep, effective exercise, and of course DE-STRESSING!

There is so much exciting information regarding nutrition and health!  Please check out the BLOG for additional information.

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