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Nurturing Remedies at the Natural Path Farm

Christine Skibbee, RD, LDN

32 Georgetown Rd West Newbury, MA 01985

P-978-270-9354    Fax- 978-510-1541


Nurturing Remedies is happy to accommodate your needs for nutrition and herbal education!  Additionally classes will be offered periodically throughout the year and will be advertised via email (click               to add your name to the list).  A medley of classes include:

- Introduction to Aromatherapy- discover the basics of the wonderful and pleasant aroma of plants and what they can do for you!  Plus you'll leave with your own aromatherapy spray!


- Daily Detox- We live in a toxic environment from air, to food to negative thoughts. Learn to assist your body in eliminating toxins by including detoxing strategies into your daily routine.

- Tummy Troubles- GI complaints are very common reasons for PCP visits.  The gut is central for so many functions including immune and neurotransmitters  Learn how to support  this hard working 30 foot organ!