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“There are two gifts we should give our children. one is roots the other is wings.” – Author Unknown

As a parent, there is no greater joy than seeing your child soar as they connect with their authentic self.  On the flip side, there is no greater sorrow when they are struggling.  We try to protect, provide, and carefully steady them as they grow but sometimes their challenges require "a village." Throughout my years as a dietitian, my clinical nutrition experience has been grounded in pediatrics. From addressing nutrition issues for children with special needs to assisting children with growth issues in an FTT clinic to managing nutrition needs for medically complex children, the importance of sound nutrition is consistent despite the various methods and obstacles to feeding. Ensuring a child is meeting her nutritional needs is imperative to reaching not only their growth potential but overall well-being so they can soar to great heights!


How Nurturing Remedies can help:

  • GENERAL NUTRITION- re-balancing macro-nutrients, picky eating, weight management, blood sugar balancing.

  • SENSORY ISSUES sensory challenges can manifest in eating and utilizing sensory strategies (SOS approach) in feeding can help overcome them.

  • AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER- limited food intake can have a significant impact on nutritional status. Using sensory strategies in conjunction with individual limitations and finding creative ways to bring more nutrition into daily intake can help to balance nutrition deficiencies

  • ENTERAL FEEDING Assessment of enteral feeds against DRI requirements to ensure proper intake as well as troubleshooting feeding issues (retching, vomiting, changes in bowels).

  • EATING DISORDERS- Nutrition therapy, as part of a multi-disciplinary approach, can help guide patients to sound nutrition information and creative solutions to the many obstacles toward healthy eating.

  • MULTIPLE FOOD ALLERGIES: Provide assistance with finding healthy alternatives within multiple food restrictions and developing meal plans that meet nutritional needs.

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